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Munich’s Gentlemens’ Barbershop-Chorus

Herrenbesuch - lit. "Gentleman visitor" - the sort of thing that prim landladies sought to prevent for young debutants under their care in days gone by - is quite unique. Founded in 2006, there are now over 40 Herrenbesucher singing regularly in Munich and beyond. Our repertoire includes barbershop arrangements, gospels, (modern) folk and swing songs.


The charming entertainment in German, English and Bavarian paints humor with a rather fine brush. The repertoire includes the words of poets as well as spirituals, comedy and a touch of nonsense. We love being able to surprise our audiences!  

Looking for new members 

Are you a man who loves to sing? 

We are always looking for new members. So long as you intend to be in Munich for more than just a few months, why not come and try out with us? As a "Herrenbesucher" you will have the opportunity to:


  • work on improving your singing skills,

  • regularly participate in concerts, competitions and conventions,

  • perform great music with other talented singers and

  • become a part of a great community.

  • Join Us!

As a candidate, you will be encouraged to join us on the ‘risers’ during rehearsals. We will provide you with the music (and teach-tapes for practicing at home) and place you next to a singer of your same voice part to make your visit more enjoyable.

Rehearsals are mostly run in german, but all of our music team speak great English and we often revert to English anyway.



Herrenbesuch e.V. is a membership association (welcome to Germany!), whose members are amateur singers committed to choral performance at the highest level. Membership is open to all male singers with appropriate vocal skills. The application process includes a voice test to determine your general vocal aptitude as well as a formal audition before you will be invited to officially join us.

You are welcome to attend rehearsals as a candidate until you feel you are ready to audition.

Our Choir Director and our MusicTeam will be glad to support and assist you throughout the process.

If you are interested in visiting Herrenbesuch, be sure to contact us for dates by filling out the form on this page or writing to the email below.

Herrenbesuch Musicteam



We rehearse every Monday evening from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM in the  Kinderhaus St. Rupert -, Kazmairstrasse 66, Munich (Westend)  ~ just a few minutes walk from U-/S-Bahn (Metro) Station Heimeranplatz  (ring the bell: “Theatersaal KUSZ”)


Driving directions 


Thank you for your interest in Herrenbesuch. 

If you would like to try out a rehearsal of Herrenbesuch, please contact us in advance using the contact form on this page, so that we can arrange an appointment.

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